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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rep. Hall (NY-19) on electing a Democrat in NY-13

John Hall, a Democrat who flipped a Republican seat in a very tight race in 2006 shares his thoughts on how Staten Island will benefit from a Democratic member or Congress;

"It would be big," said Hall, who added that he never takes sides in primaries. "I think the people of the district will be well served. And I think it'll help Staten Island to have somebody who's in the majority, and could possibly have a [subcommittee] chairmanship."

Hall pointed out that he was one of three congressional freshman chosen to head a veterans subcommittee after the 2006 "blue wave."

"The reason I got this chairmanship as a freshman, which is almost unheard of, is because the Democrats won so many seats that all of our senior Democrats already had chairmanships," he said. "If Staten Island elects a Democrat, they're going to wind up with more power in the House of Representatives, because they'll be in the majority and they may even have a position of chair or vice-chair a committee."



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