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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A bunch of candidate speculation lately

So Paul Atanasio has withdrawn by accepting the nomination for a judgeship, the legal way to withdraw and let the party replace him on the ballot.  This is intriguing because it stirs speculation;

1. Bob from Manhattan could get the line and not have Conservative votes go to a spoiler candidate.  Then again no one likes him;

The Brooklyn party organization has already rejected Democratic candidate Michael McMahon, and Kassar today said, "I don't see any interest among my members in recommending to the state party that we endorse [GOP candidate] Bob Straniere."

"That would do nothing for us," said Kassar. "He hasn't really put together much of a campaign despite winning the Republican primary."

2. Carmine Morano could get the line along with his Independence line, a further sign that no one wants Straniere

3. Fossella could get the line, after rumors earlier this week he was looking to get back in.  This though is highly unlikely because he would have a hard time beating Straniere let alone getting a plurality of the vote to win.  The state Conservative Party leader also indicated this isn't likely right now;

"Right now there is no designated, agreed-on or handpicked candidate at all," Long said. "This just happened. I don't see (a return of Fossella) was very plausible. I have no knowledge of whether he's even interested. He's tying to take care of his personal life. I'm telling you that I have had no conversations with him."

4. McMahon could be nominated if the party wants to have some minor influence and if they feel Straniere has no chance of winning. 

In addition to that fun Jim Wyne, the Republican primary loser has indicated that he is battling on and plans to run a write-in campaign.  He recently resigned his party position as GOP Finance chair and might want to send a nice thank you to the party that didn't want him by playing spoiler and helping McMahon if he pursues this route.


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