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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fossella refusing to comment on the bailout plan

via the Advance;

But the congressman himself, outgoing Republican Rep. Vito Fossella, did not make himself available for an interview about the crisis that has gripped the nation, and his constituents, for days.

While Fossella's Washington office issued two statements in response to an Advance request for an interview with Fossella, neither offered a hint on how he might vote on a bailout package.

Nor did the statements answer direct questions put forth by the Advance, including whether Fossella is part of the House Republican contingent that are bailout holdouts and where he stands on whether taxpayers should foot part or all of the bailout bill.

Really no surprise here. Fossella in one of his final votes in Congress is refusing to publicly make a statement, share his view or represent his constituents. He did this with congestion pricing. Worse he has done this with the war in Iraq. As a Congressman he does not feel it is his job to answer to his constituents.



At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite clear Vito believes in the tenets of Fascism, not Democratic Capitalism.

What a disgrace to his grandfather, a real congressman.


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