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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Any hopes of national Republican involvement is gone

The NRCC, the Republican equivalent of the DCCC today has pulled money out of ad buys in several seats showing tremendous weakness in their offensive plan. They have pulled money out of four of their top Democratic held targets. Additionally they have started building a firewall around certain incumbents they will try to protect, none of them will be competitive open seats.

With only about $22 million available to spend on races and many contests requiring a media buy of $1 million to make any impact, the NRCC simply cannot play in all the districts it needs to. And when Republican and GOP-leaning groups do spend their cash in the final weeks of the campaign, it may be too late to rescue Republican candidates who have picked up heavy negatives over the previous month.

I would say this is disastrous news for Bob Straniere, but honestly this is not high on his list of problems to worry about.



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