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Monday, October 06, 2008

Fossella's recent legislative votes

Yes, Fossella is still in Congress, voting for your best interests. Or his own. It's not really clear anymore.

Credit CardholdersÂ’ Bill of Rights Act of 2008 H.R. 5244
Vote Passed (312-112, 9 Not Voting)

The House passed this bill to reform credit card industry practices.

Rep. Vito Fossella voted NO

Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act, 2009 HR 2638 Roll 632
Vote Passed (370-58, 1 Present, 4 Not Voting)

The House approved this $600 billion bill to fund the federal government through March 6, 2009.

Rep. Vito Fossella voted NO

Renewable Energy and Job Creation Tax Act of 2008 H.R. 7060
Vote Passed (257-166, 10 Not Voting)

This bill, costing almost $62 billion, would extend and expand tax breaks and incentives for individuals using and developing renewable energy.

Rep. Vito Fossella voted NO

Job Creation and Unemployment Relief Act of 2008 H.R. 7110 Roll 660
Vote Passed (264-158, 12 Not Voting)

The House passed this $60.7 billion economic stimulus bill on Friday evening that would extend unemployment benefits.

Rep. Vito Fossella voted NO

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