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Friday, October 10, 2008

Cochrane and Conservative Party mislead donors

Tim Cochrane (who?), the Conservative Party nominee, has a Congressional campaign website up, http://timcochraneforcongress.com.  That in itself is not really news, what is is the deception this site creates.  If you take a look at the bottom of the site you will see that this is a page paid for by the Conservative Party of New York, not Cochrane's campaign.  Seemingly an innocent statement but one that is rather misleading.  For comparison the disclaimer on Straniere's site "Paid for by Straniere for Congress."  If this really was Cochrane's campaign site he would need to disclose that and who is paying the bills to keep the site running.  In both cases the answer would need to be his campaign, not a political party.

Next for the where this misleading is going.  Take a look at the contribute page, where you see Tim's face and "Timothy Cochrane for Congress."  The problem is all money you give, that you expect will go to his congressional campaign actually goes to the Conservative Party.  This is what the fine print says;

Indiviudals may contribute a maximum amount of $5,000 to the New York State Conservative Party Federal Account.

Contributions or gifts to the Conservative party Federal Account are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Cochrane's "campaign site" is just a ruse covering up a slightly elaborate fund raising attempt for the Party. The money an unsuspecting donor gives them through this site does no go to Cochrane nor does it need to be used on Cochrane's race at all and my guess is very little of it will make it to his futile campaign.  How disingenuous must the Conservative Party be to mislead sympathetic donors into giving them money when they think they are giving to a local Congressional candidate?


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