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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recchia's congressional money still lingering

Domenic Recchia, the one time candidate for this office dropped out of the race with around $270,000 cash. Since this is a federal campaign he can not transfer this money to any city races so he has to either refund it or donate it to other federal campaigns. At the end of the third quarter his non-existent campaign still has $160,000 in its coffers. Last quarter he made the following contributions;

Alan Meisel $1,000
Delia Schack $1,700

Best I can tell is that they are Brooklyn district leaders. Didn't realize that was allowable but the confusion lies in why he has yet to give any of this money to Congressional races that need the help. There is no contribution to McMahon, Massa, Maffei, or Kryzan. This deserves some more attention.



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