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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Advance endorsement of McMahon, part III

The Staten Island Advance has a lengthy write up on why they are endorsing Mike McMahon for Congress. Here is the third part;

But Mr. Straniere has always had chinks in his armor. One is that he talks a good game, sometimes taking credit for things in which he had only a peripheral role, but he was never especially productive as a legislator. Of course, in fairness, as a perennial member of the minority in the Assembly, he was always stymied. However, as a member of the likely Republican minority in the House, we fear he'd again fall back on press releases and public pronouncements.

Of more concern is the astonishing number of financial and legal entanglements that have bedeviled him throughout his political career, and even after he left public office. At some point, we've got to wonder what he's been doing to bring on all this trouble.

And, while Mr. Straniere recently established a residence in New Springville in furtherance of his congressional run (though members of the House are not required to live in the districts they represent), questions about his actual place of residence have always hung over him. These kinds of doubts and Mr. Straniere's elusiveness in addressing them raise issues of trust.

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