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Friday, May 05, 2006

A point system

Via Matt Stoller, via The Hill

In his latest bid to rally his Democratic colleagues to the cause of winning back the House in November, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) is instituting a point system to track how much individual House Democrats engage in political work helpful to the party.

The DCCC has long tracked how much money each Democrat raises for the committee and how much each contributes in quarterly dues. The new system is expected to be much broader, assigning point values to less easily quantifiable items such as whether members travel to other districts for political work, whether they hold press conferences in other districts, or whether they serve as a mentor to a challenger.

I mentioned below in my Funding the Race entries that our own NY congressional delegation needs to start spending some more time focusing on races in our state that are competitive and less time counting their money. Take note members of congress. Not only am I disappointed by the lack of effort from some of you to help us retake the House but Rahm and Nancy are now too.

5 of 20 didn’t give to Rep Higgins’ race in 2004.
7 of 20 didn’t give to Rep. Bishops’s race.
15 of 20 didn’t give to Samara Barend’s race.


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