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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

de Blasio gets Rangel's support?

It appears the Rep. Charles Rangel of Harlem has sent out a letter to his supporters guaging support for de Blasio should he decide to run. Additionally the letter says that de Blasio will make a decision "in the next week". The letter is dated March 23, which means we should hear something possibly before this weekend.

Room Eight brings us the news and Rangel's letter.


At 3:27 AM, Blogger Politicalconsultant said...

De Blasio needs a geography lesson. There is no point in the five boroughs further from Staten Island than Rangel's district.

Hi, my name is Roy Moskowitz and I'm Steve Harrison's Director of Communications.

A few comments about the campaign.

harrison06.com is up. Several other web addresses point to the site including vetovito.com and .org. We have no relationship with the Veto Vito blogger. The site is still definitely a work in progress.

We'd have more time to devote to website creation if we didn't have to waste time and resources on de Blasio.

Steve would beat de Blasio in a primary but Blasio's presence would starve the campaign of the national resources needed to veto Vito.

Fossella started campaigning for this seat the day after election day 2004. To guarantee a fighting chance at winning, the Democrat candidate should have started running by November 2005.

His campaign is handicapped by starting late but no one on the Island wanted to run, so Steve stepped up to the plate.

De Blasio, a term limited councilman, not popular with his peers based on the whooping he received in the speaker race, is running for a congressional seat in a district he does not live in because he needs a job in 2 years.

The congressional seat in his district is open, but he can't run because one of his few city council speaker supporters, Yvette Clark, is seeking that seat.

Since he's played senior roles for both Hillary and Edwards, he can't work in a 2008 presidential campaign unless one of them doesn’t run.

He could have easily announced his interest in the seat immediately after he lost to Christine Quinn if he discovered there was still no Democratic candidate for the 13th district. There is a possibility Steve might not have run if de Blasio announced first.

But he decided to wait until after our campaign was in swing to test the waters and he did this not by reaching to out to voters but to money, money we need to win the election.

He also engaged in polling. Among the household's contacted on behalf of de Blasio's survey's was Steve's daughter.

I don't know why everyone is treating him like a rock star instead of the one hit wonder he is.

Vito is vulnerable. Barbaro lost in 2004 by 33,000 votes in a district with roughly 500,000 people old enough to vote. There was 40 percent greater turnout in 2004 than in typical years because of the presidential election.

Although I think the Democrats would lose less votes because of dissatisfaction with Bush policies, for arguments sake lets assume both parties lose votes proportionately if turnout returns to normal levels. Fossella's margin is now 20,000.

If 5000 white voters over 25 years of age who didn't vote in 2004 vote this time because of Bush, Iraq, gas prices, whatever, Vito's lead shrinks to 15,000.

Persuading 5000 Fossella supporters to see the light results in a 10,000 vote swing because Vito loses 5000 and we would gain 5000. This cuts the deficit to only 5000 votes.

Between 18-25 year olds of all ethnicities and black and Hispanic adults, there are about 88,000 US citizens who belong to Democratic affinity groups who didn't vote last election to get the remaining 5000 votes.

We plan on accomplishing this by being the most visible opponents Vito has ever had. In 2004, Voters who didn't read the Advance or live in the few neighborhoods with grassroots efforts didn't know who the Democratic candidate was until Election Day. We will be different.

Our campaign will generate media coverage in most of New York's print and broadcast media. Our paid advertising strategy will not be limited to local insertions on news programming on Staten Island cable like other Staten Island Dems. We will purchase a broader range of programming and media aimed at groups we need to target to win. We're also the first Staten Island Democratic congressional campaign to have an Internet marketing strategy.

We can't do this without money, which de Blassio prevents us from raising by threatening to colonize our district.

I'd like to earnestly post donation solicitations in the blogesphere but de Blasio is holding such money hostage.


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