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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

WFP covers Fossella's fear of being Republican

The Working Families Party Blog is running with a story we covered here earlier that Rep. Vito Fossella and other Republicans throughout the state are trying as hard as they can to disassociate themselves from their own party.

It's not just Republican voters anymore, now Republican candidates are turning away from their party. Step 1 is to disown the Republican Party. Here are a few of the Republican incumbents in New York who are trying to recast themselves:

* Vito Fossella in CD13
* Sue Kelly in CD19
* James Walsh in CD25
* Tom Reynolds in CD26

In honor of the WFP mention, we repost the article below in full

Rep. Fossella wants another term in office but he is doing all he can to disassociate himself from the Republican Party. Apparently he is now running as an independent as the banner on his own website shows. Hey look they underlined it too just in case you didn't notice.

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A simple google search shows only seven times the word 'Republican' appears on Fossella's campaign site, and six of those are news articles someone else wrote mentioning the R-word. Fossella's only use is this criticism of his own party:

Stood up to the Republican leadership and helped pass legislation to expand public funding of embryonic stem cell research to help find a cure for diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

It is probably not a bad thing to try to distance yourself from the corruption that is bringing down your own party. What I am looking forward to seeing is how he distances himself from his own corruption in his party. How do you run away from yourself? Again a question for his constituents to consider. If he is already useless bringing home money, and he is now running scared from his party, what use is he going to be when he suddenly is in the minority party after November?


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