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Monday, August 14, 2006

Fossella + DeLay + Ney

Rep. Tom Reynolds head of the NRCC spoke on Sunday about his outlook on the New York state Congressional races. When asked about issues of corruption plaguing his party nation-wide he commented to the Post-Standard;

Reynolds also said he didn't expect that scandals that led Republican members Tom DeLay, of Texas, and Robert Ney, of Ohio, to decline re-election bids would hurt the GOP's chances of holding on to its slim House majority. House elections are basically local affairs that focus on local issues, he said.

DeLay's and Ney's troubles will have "no impact on other members' districts," Reynolds said.

If House elections are local affiars as Rep. Reynolds claims, why then did Tom DeLay (currently under indictment) and Rep. Bob Ney (giving up his Congressional seat due to possible indictments) decide to get involved with the district and Rep. Fossella? Tom DeLay's PAC contributed $10,000 to Rep. Vito Fossella which has yet to be returned, even though the PAC has been forced to shut down. And why did Rep. Bob Ney continually invite Rep. Vito Fossella (one of only four other members of Congress) on those skiing trips to Vail with campaign lobbyists? I agree DeLay and Ney may not sink every Republican campaign, but it can easily bring down a campaign like Rep. Fossella's when his constituents find out he has been taking favors from both of them. Fossella made Tom DeLay and Bob Ney a campaign issue.


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