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Friday, September 08, 2006

Pataki (R) supports plans similar to Harrison's

Gov. Pataki (R) has previously praised the use of EZ Pass Express lanes for both their efficiency and capacity increases they allow on bridges. Pataki made the following statement on the use of Express E-ZPass lanes on the Outerbridge Crossing, via Port Authority press release:

“Our region has now moved into the next phase of electronic toll collection. Highway-speed toll lanes process up to 1,800 vehicles per hour. The capacity increase that Express E-ZPass provides is a huge boost for the 16 million customers who use the Outerbridge Crossing annually. These new express tolls will make it easier and faster for millions of motorists.”

Then acting Governor Codey of New Jersey had this to say;

“The debut of Express E-ZPass illustrates our continued commitment to reduce delays and congestion on our roads. Express E-ZPass helps drivers get to their destination quickly and safely.”

And finally, let's just put all of this to rest. It is supported by both Republicans and Democrats. It reduces delays and congestion, something Staten Island needs. I leave you with this from the Port Authority Vice Chairman on what this would do to non EZPass users;

“Express E-ZPass is the latest in a series of enhancements to our E-ZPass system. Highway-speed toll collection benefits E-ZPass and non E-ZPass customers alike, by reducing congestion and keeping our roads safe.”


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