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Thursday, September 14, 2006

BREAKING! Ney to plead Guilty, Vito potentially might fall

Rep. Bob Ney, the Ohio Congressman whom Rep. Vito Fossella accompanied on lobbyist trips to Vail each winter has apparently agreed to plead guilty to to federal charges relating to his dealings with lobbyists, including Jack Abramoff. Via NY Times;

A guilty plea would make Mr. Ney, a six-term congressman, the first member of Congress to admit to criminal charges in the Abramoff investigation, which has focused on the actions of several current and former Republican lawmakers who had been close to the former lobbyist.


They said the agreement with the Justice Department — and the exact criminal charges, which are expected to include conspiracy and false statement — would be disclosed in Washington as soon as Friday and would probably require Mr. Ney to serve at least some time in prison.

Fossella and Ney January 23, 2006
Rep. Vito Fossella and Rep. Bob Ney July 11, 2006
Fossella in Vail July 12, 2006
Fossella + DeLay + Ney August 14, 2006


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