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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Has the Politicker blocked me?

With news coming in at a ferverant pace all afternoon in regards to Rep. Foley's resignation I was kept quite busy reviewing FEC contribution forms to find links to Fossella and reading various news sources and blogs as the story developed. I came across the Politicker's post mentioning the Congressional resignation. By now you know I have been commenting (and here) on the Politicker not covering the Fossella v. Harrison congressional race. So when I went to add a comment that our very own Rep. Vito Fossella took a contribution from disgrace Rep. Foley, and to my surprise I received a 403 error;

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This morning I came back to the post to resubmit my comment thinking there was just a server issue only to get the same error. I had a few friends attempt to comment and preview their comments, which I am blocked from doing and they have had no problems doing so.

My whole frustration with the Politicker started when a comment I submitted, asking where the coverage of this race was, was never published. I am told it essentially was lost. The Politicker requires all comments to be approved before they post them. Now it seems after two posts on my small blog showing that they are not covering the race I have been banned from commenting on their site. I guess that is the easiest way to continue to overlook this race, if you prevent those asking questions from being able to ask those questions.

So Politicker, why am I prevented from commenting?

Please take a second and go over to Politicker and write a comment (anything will do) and try to preview it. I get a 403 error when previewing and posting. Please let me know your results in the comments. You do not need to Post the comment.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Civilis said...

I previewed my comment and it worked. I find it rather interesting that you may be blocked. If it is your IP that they are blocking perhaps you should try and post comments from another computer and under a different name.

Or you if you are using broadband either dsl or cable maybe turning off your modem then turning it back on (if you're using a router I don't know how to change the IP) will assign you a new IP.


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