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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Fossella recap

Fossella took $10,000 from ARMPAC, the PAC of the indicted Rep. Tom Delay. He has not returned any of the money.

Fossella took a $500 contribution from Rep. Bob Ney, who has plead guilty to federal charges pertaining to the Jack Abramoff case. Fossella has donated this.

Fossella took a $500 contribution from Neil Volz, a former aid of Rep. Ney who has also plead guilty to federal charges pertaining to the Jack Abramoff case. Fossella has returned this money.

For the past 5 winters, Rep. Fossella has been an invited guest of Rep. Bob Ney at the Lodge at Vail, where he was one of four members of Congress to spend the weekend being lobbied by numerous unidentified lobbyists. This event was organized by Rep. Bob Ney who we stated has plead guilty of federal charges relating to lobbying charges. Rep. Bob Ney has resigned his leadership positions and is being pressured to resign from Congress from his own party. Fossella has spent $25,124 flying himself and his family to Vail for these events. That money came from campaign contributions. Fossella has refused to disclose which lobbyists he met with.

Fossella has spent over $50,000 in campaign contributions on family travel and vacation costs.

After the NY Daily News brought several of these violations to light Fossella has amended 18 FEC contribution forms.

Fossella had $5,683 in travel expenses covered by Ephiphany Productions. Ephiphany was admonished by the Federal Election Commission for illegal donations to members of Congress, including Fossella.

Fossella was essentially fined $60,000 by the House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards, which was chaired by Rep. Bob Ney. This decision was reached under Ney's tenure as chairman. He stepped down about two weeks later.


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