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Monday, September 04, 2006

Republicans weak all over the country

via Yahoo! News;

"I don't think the question any longer is can Democrats win control of Congress, it's can Republicans do anything to stop it?" said Amy Walter, House analyst for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report newsletter. "All the factors and issues are pushing so strongly against Republicans."


Strategists in both parties say the glum public mood has created a strong desire for change and given Democrats a big advantage at the traditional opening of the campaign season on Monday's Labor Day holiday.

"It's too late to fix the national mood -- it's not going to be fixed," said Republican pollster Frank Luntz. "The major issues are not playing well for Republicans this year, and Republicans are not playing well with America this year."


At 7:56 PM, Blogger HaagenDas said...

The point is though eventhough many people are upset with Republicans, including President Bush's dismal numbers, those same Americans hold Demorats at a lower approval rating because of their lack of solutions. I am an independent and believe the President has not done well in the execution of some issues. I however join those same Americans in being more disgusted by personal attacks by the Dems with no solutions presented. The 2004 election said it all...the country is upset with Bush but cant stand the Dems.

Still, yet again, this neither here nor there because it has nothing to do with how Congressman Fossella is bad and what Harrison would do differently. I guess Harrison should be happy he follows the no solution approach of the Dems.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger me said...

Actually in poll after poll Democrats are polling about 5 percentage points above Republicans. So your claim that Democrats have a lower approval rating is rather errant on your part. Not once going back a year to September 2005 have Republicans ever held a lead in generic congressional polling.



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