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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Republican ticket falls apart

The Republican Attorney General Candidate Jeanine Pirro is reportedly under state and federal investigation. NBC 4 runs the story claiming that she worked with Bernard Kerik (formerly Secretary of Homeland Security nominee) to plant a recording device on her husband's boat whom she believed was cheating on her.

The top of the ticket this November has Elliot Spitzer (D-Gov nominee) in a more competitive race against Hillary Clinton (D-Sen) to see who can amount a larger margin of victory and possibly break Sen. Schumer's state wide record. Now it appears the Attorney General race may not even be a race if Pirro can't avoid these claims. That would mean that the highest ranking Republican candidate with potential to make a race is State Comptroller, and even that is doubtful. Regardless of even if this was a real race chances are Republican candidate Callaghan is not going to turn out Republican voters in droves.

But what does all of this mean to NY13? It means that as we get closer and closer to November the Republican party keeps shooting itself in the foot and diminishing its chances of high voter turn out. They are alienating registered Republicans who are losing reasons to turn out an vote in a mid-term election. While those voting on a Conservative Party line may be politcally minded enough to turn out to vote regardless of the scenario, the average household Republican is now having more and more reasons to stay home. That bodes well for a few Democrats;

Stephen Harrison, Congressional candidate NY13 CD
Matthew Titone, State Senate candidate 24th SD
Janele Hyer-Spencer, State Assembly candidate 60th AD


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