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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who wants to cover this race? Part II

The Daily Politics, political blog of the New York Daily News.

The Daily Politics describes itself thusly; "The Daily Politics is a running conversation about New York's political scene." Of course they also covered the Lamont/Lieberman race (14 posts) and recently Sen. Allen of Virginia, so if the scope is this large surely there is room for a congressional race atually within the city limits. The following are the only Fossella/Harrison references I could find in posts on the Daily Politics;

April 10, 2006; DeBlasio not running
July 20, 2006; Daily Gotham comments on Daily Politics ignoring the NY13 race
Aug 02, 2006; Photo of Fossella and Bush, no related text
Aug 16, 2006; Harrison campaign goes to Fossella HQ for debate request
Sept 26, 2006; Link to the Politicker interview with Harrison

Simply put this is rather dismal. The New York Daily News is the only paper actually attempting political reporting. They ran a week of stories (10 articles total) of corruption and ethical problems plaguing Fossella, yet the Daily Politics didn't make reference to any of that. The Daily News also ran the piece on Fossella's $60,000 mailing violations. No coverage on the Daily Politics blog. If that wasn't all there are a few other stories the paper found worthy enough of running that the blog didn't give a mention to. I guess it is somewhat appropriate that one of their four posts was about another blog ripping them for failing to cover the race.

To the Politicker, hey sorry for complaining, comparatively you are do amazing work.

I have traded emails with Ben Smith, the blogger at Daily Politics. One issue I want to make clear is that I am not claiming the lack of media coverage is the reason this race does not appear to be a top tier race. I do believe there have been several stories with notable connections to the likes of Ney, DeLay, and Abramoff that should have raised some very questionable practices with the Congressman. However those have barely been covered or followed up in any great depth. The competitiveness of this race should have no impact on the coverage and reporting on the acts of a member of Congress.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Mike from SI said...

This race is not considered top-tier or even in top 100 by DCCC, the unions, or even the Democratic Party of NY state. Just ask the party chair and he'll tell youy that they are much more concerned with the Titone and Hyer-Spencer races as well as his own and Cusick's re-election. If this is an important arce then where is the party and union money and the support?

At 1:42 PM, Blogger me said...

The competitiveness of this seat should not have any impact on media coverage. This is a Congressional race, where the incumbent has been caught taking money from Abramoff, Tony Rudy, Bob Ney, Tom DeLay, Neil Volz, and now Mark Foley. All of these Republicans have either resigned, been indicted or plead guilty to various federal charges.

Fossella is refusing to tell us who he met with in Vail.

Fossella has been forced to ammend 18 FEC contribution filings going back several years.

Fossella has had mailing violations dropped by a committee chaired by Rep. Ney, and fined $60,000.

There are major concerns being raised by a sitting member of Congress, and whether there is a race or not this need to be brought to the public's attention.


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