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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Losing Christian support

via Ekklesia

Simon Barrow, co-director of the UK Christian think tank Ekklesia, which works for conflict transformation strategies in place of violence, has welcomed General Sir Richard Dannatt's "sane and balanced remarks".

Added Barrow: "The reality is that military people are often much more sanguine about war policies than gung-ho civvies and politicians. Mr Blair should listen to his army chief, just as he should have listened to the churches when they told him that an Iraq war would be catastrophic and that there were credible alternatives to armed adventurism."


The Army Chief told the BBC yesterday that he intends to "speak up for what is right for the Army". A convinced Christian, he has been an officer of the Soldier's and Airmen's Scripture Readers Association, and Vice President of The Officers' Christian Union.

So we have lost the head of the British army and our own allies (i.e. Coalition of the Willing), and now we are losing the religious sects that possibly once supported this administration.


At 2:23 AM, Anonymous Diana King said...

The presence of christianity where soldiers are is paramount for their day to day activities. We should not lose the support that is given by the religious sects.
Diana King



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