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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Vito down with social networking

Maybe he thinks its part of that new fangled electronic voting/HAVA implementations. Regardless the Brooklyn Papers are all over the story of his MySpace page.

Despite the fact that Fossella has called sites like MySpace “feeding grounds for sexual predators” and has urged parents to limit their children’s access, the “Friends for Fossella” MySpace page — created by a campaign volunteer with the help of campaign staff — has a whopping 1,582 friends, some of them under 18.


In the spirit of this online political era, The Brooklyn Papers concocted a MySpace character called “Polly Amorous.” “Polly” defines herself as a bisexual “swinger” and “atheist” who doesn’t want to have kids. Her profile features a voluptuous, scantily clad cartoon character in bondage.

Would Fossella want to be friends with “Polly”? To test whether “Friends for Fossella” would “just say no” to the friendship request — and, frankly, to have a little fun — “Polly” invited the Fossella campaign to be her friend. She was accepted, no questions asked.

Oh and Tom is one of Vito's friends too.


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