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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Congratulations to Janele

Janele Hyer-Spencer will be one of New York's newsest Assemblymembers, after her election victory has become official. Watching the numbers come in was at times nerve wracking, hovering just above and briefly under 50%, until the final few districts put her ahead for good.

With her victory Staten Island now only has 1 Republican City Council Member (plus 1 vacant seat held by Lanza), 1 Republican Assembly Member, and 1 State Senator.

While the implications may be a little more long term, winning very local elections is one way we will retake this Congressional seat, if meerly by reducing the experienced Republican bench.

Janele was the first candidate who took this blog seriously and reached out on several occassions with political knowledge and insight. She impressed me with some early and rather intelligent web research/outreach team. Best of luck to her in Albany. It will be nice to see Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer campaigning along side our '08 congressional candidate, that is if she is not the nominee.


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