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Monday, November 06, 2006

Don't call it an upset

But you can call them upset constituents if you want. So this will be the last post prior to the elections tomorrow. I started posting back in December because I heard Frank Barbaro was having a press conference and got excited about the potential candidates for this year. To say I was underwhelmed at first would be an under statement. To say we have one of the best candidates I could have expected would similarly be an understatement.

Tomorrow you need to vote. If you care about healthcare for all, if you care about our troops and getting them out of this pointless war, if you care about our veterans, our teachers, our workforce. Tomorrow you need to vote. If you are not better off than you were two years ago, vote for change. But more importantly if your neighbors are not better off, vote for change.

But your work does not stop there because you need to bring people out to the polls with you. Tomorrow Stephen Harrison, the underfunded opposition will show the political world reason and strong policy can prevail over a big wallet and shallow leadership. Some people may call it an upset at the end of the day, but it really is just common sense prevailing. Vito is wrong on Iraq. Vito is wrong on Social Security. Vito is wrong on supporting Bush. But it is not enough just to vote against Vito, because in Stephen Harrison we have an amazing man of character. Pull that level for a Democrat tomorrow if Washington is no longer working for you, and see what happens.

To Mr. Harrison, you have shown us a lot in your resolve, and this district is better for having you. Tomorrow we RETAKE NY13.


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