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Saturday, January 13, 2007

City Council: Innamorato's ground game should pay off

More broadening our Democratic bench.

Tom Wrobleski writes today about Manny Innamorato's petitioning updates, noting he has 1,600 signatures already, with 1,400 required to gain ballot access. By contrast Vinny Ignizio has already turned in 2,500. The difference is the collection process. While Ignizio managed to do a major signature push over three days focusing on high trafficed public locations, Innamorato is taking the more personable approach and going door to door introducing himself to voters and essentially building a GOTV effort for Democrats on the South Shore to emmulate in future campaigns. This is wonderful news, and something that should have been a long time in the makings for Dems. This type of campaigning has paid its dividends for many grassroots candidates across the country and even in larger federal races. As a somewhat seasoned volunteer for various campaigns I find my motivation drastically raised when I see the candidate I am working to get elected side by side on the street wearing down their shoe soles with their volunteers.

via Tom's blog post today;

But McMahon said it’s not just about getting signatures; it’s about building a likely-voter base, so the personal contact is paramount.

“Manny’s doing a lot of door-to-door, meeting people, talking one-on-one,” he said. “Those are potential voters. It’s a foundationary tool for getting out the vote. That process begins with petitioning.”

Innamorato's efforts should really pay off. The question though is how soon?


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