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Friday, January 05, 2007

Rep. Fossella America disagrees with you

CBS has released a new poll with some bad numbers for not only President Bush but ultimately for Rep. Fossella.


Approve: 23%
Disapprove: 72%


Increase U.S. troops: 12%
Keep same number of troops: 8%
Decrease U.S. troops: 35%
Remove all U.S. troops: 36%

So 72% disagrees with how the President is handling Iraq, and 71% want a decrease or complete removal of our troops from Iraq. So what does Vito think? We you might recall these choice statements;

On Oct 29, we posted commentary on NY1's interview, where Vito states;

“I think I can break ways when some of the policies at the national level are not in the interest of my communities, so I'll continue to do that,” said Fossella.


On the war in Iraq, Fossella remains loyal to the Bush administration, arguing it's not time to remove the troops from Iraq.

At some point long ago, Vito lost sight that he is elected by the people and Congress is suppose to represent us and not the views of the President. This country clearly wants to bring our troops home and no longer support Vito and Bush's failed war. And remember this moment on CNN that we covered on Oct 19th;

FOSSELLA: No, I think that clearly we have to stay the course in Iraq. Nobody said this job was going to be easy, including the president of the United States.

FOSSELLA: The president of the United States, as he said a couple of weeks ago in his press conference, believes that the United States must stay the course.


And we will stay the course and until the job is done. And, ultimately, not only will the Iraqi people have the same freedoms that we enjoy here in America to pick their own leaders, but we can rest assured that there will be a stable democracy in the Middle East that will help us and others bring peace and stability and security to the American people.

Remember that NY1 interview was just two months ago, and he has still yet to back down from his comments on CNN, so he has done nothing to show he has any clue just how disasterious all of this is. Hopefully he stays in that 23% that supports the President's handling of Iraq and 2008 will be even more fun then watching him get kicked around in 2006 was.


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