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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vito opposes things

Rep. Vito Fossella in a recent NY1 interview proclaims his independence from the national party and the administration on issues that his constituents oppose. Well, except that little thing in Iraq. But who is really paying attention?

via NY1;

The long-time Republican says that stance is not an attempt to distance himself from the embattled Republican Party.

“I think I can break ways when some of the policies at the national level are not in the interest of my communities, so I'll continue to do that,” said Fossella.


On the war in Iraq, Fossella remains loyal to the Bush administration, arguing it's not time to remove the troops from Iraq. Fossella's Democratic rival, Steve Harrison, says for that reason and others he doesn't buy Fossella's attempt to position himself as an independent.

“Vito Fossella is someone that has been repeatedly voting with the president 89 percent of the time and what we're hearing from everybody out there is that they want to get us out of the war in Iraq and so they're looking to the Democrats and to Steve Harrison to take care of that,” Harrison said on MSNBC Tuesday.


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