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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fossella and Neil Volz, donations revisited

This is just getting disgusting.

Following yesterday's post which uncovered that Rep. Vito Fossella promised to donate all the money he took from disgraced former Rep. Mark Foley, and greedily only managed to donate a portion, comes today's find.

via the SI Advance;

Rep. Vito Fossella said yesterday he will donate to charity the $500 in campaign contributions he received from Neil Volz, a former lobbyist associate of Jack Abramoff.

Rep. Vito Fossella took two contributions from Neil Volz, both in the amount of $250, first on February 27, 2004 and again November 03, 2005.

via SI Advance;

Volz pleaded guilty this week to taking part in a conspiracy to ply GOP lawmakers and their aides with trips, expensive meals and tickets to entertainment and sporting events between January 2000 and April 2004.

Fossella (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) was one of 25 current Republican House members who received contributions over the past four years from Volz.

Fossella, who received $250 in November 2005 and $250 in February 2004, according to Federal Election Commission records, called Volz's illegal activity a breach of the public trust.

Unfortunately it appears as though Rep. Vito Fossella has once again outdone himeself. The above article was published on May 10, 2006. Neil Volz plead guilty on May 08, 2006. These dates fall in the middle of the FEC's July Quarterly filing which covers April 01, 2006 - June 30, 2006. We can find Fossella's July Quarterly disbursement (contributions, donations) here.

05/09/2006 - $250 to the American Cancer Society

Notice the first donation is to the American Cancer Society, the charity Fossella chose. However the total of the contribution is only $250, despite the fact that Fossella had promised to donate $500.

"It is regrettable that there are some individuals who would use their position to break the law, he said." Fossella on Volz, via the SI Advance

Actually it is probably more regrettable that we have a public servant representing us in Congress, who not once but twice now has made public statements promising to donate corrupt money he took to charities and on both occasions failed to give the complete amount promised. If Rep. Vito Fossella can lie to us about donating to charity so easily what else is he deviously hiding or misguiding us about?

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