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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

LTE: Iraq War

In a Wednesday 'Letter to the Editor' in the SI Advance, the writer is critical of an article in the Advance that compared US casualties in various wars;

Am I missing something? Have we erroneously or purposefully overlooked the thousands of soldiers wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This represents soldiers whose psychological and body wounds have destroyed the fabric of their ability to fulfill their hopes and dreams due to their resultant disabilities. Marriages ruined; psychological scars, that in many will never heal, and physical disabilities that will negate any chance of future employment in occupations they had hoped to train for.

Now add "the body bags" to these wounded and you have the true cost of the war. If your article had done this, the critical thinker could then decide whether this war, with its present results, was worth it.

Read the rest of the letter here. Actually there isn't much more, those two paragraphs were too well written to condense.

Of course Rep. Vito Fossella would caution against bringing any of these troops home before we add more numbers to that list, because in his mind not keeping them on battlefields is not supporting them. I think if you want to support them you send them home to be with their families and provide adequate physical and mental health care.

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