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Monday, April 16, 2007

Fossella supports failed abstinence education

From the 2006 House Appropriations bill;
- Rep. Vito Fossella voted in favor of $120 million in funding and grants for national abstinence education campaign (HR 3010, 11/1705)

This past week, reports came out that found the Abstinence Only Education promoted and funded at the request of the Bush Administration has been a failure with no measurable results.

Sexual education programs which advocate teaching children to avoid sex until marriage have been found to be a failure.


Abstinence-only education programs are strongly supported by the administration of President George W. Bush and the report has re-ignited the debate on the government's attitude towards birth control.


Senator Waxman, chairman of the House of Representatives Government Oversight Committee, says the data demonstrates that abstinence-only programs do not protect teenagers health and are a waste of American taxpayers money. [source: news-medical.net]

Rep. Vito Fossella's vote above, was to distribute $120 million in 2006 to this program. Rep. Vito Fossella must be so complacent with our war in Iraq, that he didn't see the need to push for these funds to go to troop armor or training, and instead supports distributing this money to what essentially is nothing more than federal pork funds. Why don't we just send him around to all the schools and let him teach the students 'you can't support the troops if you have pre-marital sex.' After all it will be as effective as blowing $120 million on negligent curriculum.

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