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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Politicker covers a Fossella story...

Yeah don't get your hopes up they don't actually do any work on reporting about his job in Congress or his voting record or anything serious, apparently he is holding a debate watch party for the guy he endorsed. The sad thing is they are just posting a link to another website that has a write up about this event. Go look.

But if you actually want some real coverage you just need to go back through their post history for that past two and a half months;

* Fossella spoke at some sanitation meeting that was held in his district, April 25
* Someone wrote a comment about Fossella (not Politcker), April 9
* Someone else writes a comment about Fossella, April 5
* Um some guy wants Fossella to run for mayor, April 4
* In an article about McMahon someone writes a comment about Fossella, March 16
* In an article about baseball bats someone writes a comment about 'fossella people', March 15
* They cover Congressional rankings of all 29 members of Congress from NY, March 13
* Almost a legit mention of Fossella getting high ratings from a Conservative group, March 9

But what else is new. This is better coverage than they had during the actual Congressional race.



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