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Thursday, June 14, 2007

One year after Fossella claims a victory in Iraq

While researching something else I came across this press release from Rep. Vito Fossella dated June 6, 2006, following the death of al-Zarqawi;

“Every generation has its evil, from Hitler to Stalin to bin Laden and al-Zarqawi,” Fossella said. “His singular mission was to terrorize and murder innocent people. His death is a victory in the War in Terrorism and for the American and Iraqi people. His death will likely create disarray among the insurgency in Iraq and leave it without a mastermind to plan, coordinate and carry out attacks over the long-term. This is an important step in stabilizing Iraq and should allow the United States to move more quickly to draw down our troops. Al-Zarqawi’s death should send a clear message to every terrorist in any corner of the globe: The United States and its allies will hunt you down and bring you to justice for committing acts of violence against innocent people.”

One year later one must look back on Fossella's announcement and ask some reasonable questions.

When you claimed his death would cause disarray did you expect 4 of the 7 highest casualty months, since February 2003, for US forces to happen in the year since then? In the last year al-Zarqawi was leading the insurgency there were 827 American casualties. In the year following his death there has been 1,029. Is this the measure of success? (source: icasulaties.org)

If the insurgency is suppose to be in disarray why did you feel the need to support President Bush in sending even more troops to Iraq 9-10 months after you made the statement above?

I eagerly await a statement of retraction or correction Rep. Fossella. Realistically though I do realize you may be busy withholding money from charities and taking money from corrupt lawmakers, so no rush. Thanks.

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At 9:54 AM, Anonymous H. Stewart said...

Geez, not even the administration or the Pentagon was making such wild claims when they captured Zarqawi. Throw the insurgency into dissaray? Pathetic...but what else could you expect from such a pathetic person like Vito Fossella??


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