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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Support Stem Cell research by opposing Bush

Recently Rep. Vito Fossella choose bipartisanship over more Bush support. He was one of a handful of Republicans to cross party lines and vote with nearly every single Democrat in favor of a Stem Cell bill. Normally we criticize Fossella for the mockery he makes of his "independent" partisan identification he ran on in 2006 as he votes time after time ideologically with President Bush. This time however is different, and we commend his trip to this side of the aisle and his support of a successfully passed bill.

President Bush has since used only his second veto in nearly seven years in office to veto this bill that would provide much needed research access to stem cells in hopes of curing some of humanities most horrible diseases. Rep. Fossella's son has Type I Juvenile Diabetes, and stem cell research seems the only promising route to any cure. That research now looks as though it is delayed at least another year, or until this bill or a similar bill can come back to the House floor.

In a letter he wrote to his Congressional Representative, who happens to be his father, Dylan wrote, “The U.S. Congress has always been supportive of diabetes research and I hope for that support to continue. I am very grateful for those who are dedicated to finding a cure.” He added, “Let’s all try to team together so that none of us have to go through what we do every day of our lives.” [via BrooklynEagle.com]

In 2006 we saw Fossella run away from his party and from President Bush, but in reality there was little in the way of his voting record or public criticism that showed this. Today he has a chance to reverse this. We know Fossella speaks with President Bush, he flew on Air Force 1 with him after all, so we encourage him to use his bully pulpit and call out the President and his veto of this bill for what it is, anti-life. In a 2005 press release praising his work along side Rep. Castle to introduce a stem cell bill Castle proclaims:

One more day wasted, is another day a cure or treatment isn't found. We cannot hold up hope any longer.

Rep. Fossella, two years has past, and the President has stayed the course. Two years have past and there is no new movement or hope for stem cell research. I urge you to stand up to President Bush and explain what his veto is doing to hope for so many Americans. If we want change we can not continue supporting President Bush and hoping this time he will act different.

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