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Friday, July 13, 2007

Fossella opposes troops, votes for more war

Thursday Congress took up a bill, H.Res.533, representing the interests of a majority of Americans which called for bringing American troops home from Iraq by April 2008. Rep. Vito Fossella voted against it [Roll Call no. 621]. He voted against supporting our troops. He voted against returning enlisted parents to their children, sons and daughters to their worrying mothers and fathers. Rep. Vito Fossella however is not alone as he voted exactly as President Bush hoped for, and stands side by side the President in supporting an ongoing failed strategy. Fortunately with bi-partisan support of Republicans crossing the aisle the bill passed the House by a vote of 223-201.

President Bush was quick to criticize it and threaten a to veto the bill, demanding as Fossella wished, that we keep our soldiers in Iraq, embroiled in trying to control a civil war the Iraqi government itself does not have any interest in trying to stop.

"Now, when [the Bush administration] keeps making mistakes as they have made, we have to intercede. The public spoke in the last election and said clearly we want the troops redeployed."

"We are wasting the time and trying the patience of the American people for no useful purpose," said Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, one of four Republicans who voted for the measure. [via CNN]

For Rep. Vito Fossella the lose of 3,600 Americans thus far is a perfectly acceptable outcome. Fossella of course has posters saying he supports the troops in his offices which in his mind must balance out the lose his votes continue to inflict on our American society.

This is Vito Fossella's war, we can never forget that.

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