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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Candidate speculation: Recchia

From the SI Advance, via Crain's;

"I'm looking at the race," Democrat Domenic Recchia told the Advance yesterday. "I've not made up my mind."

Recchia, 47, a Gravesend resident whose City Council district includes some of the bi-borough congressional district, said he has been consulting with people both here and in Washington, D.C., about a possible campaign. He is term-limited out of the Council in 2009.

He has raised about $88,000 for an undeclared city race, according to the city Campaign Finance Board, money that potentially could be transferred to a congressional campaign.

With that let's update our candidate speculation list, now with colorful indicator arrows and links to speculation coverage:

no movement
positive movement (towards candidacy)
downgraded movement (towards candidacy)
Stephen Harrison
Council Member Recchia
Assemblyman Cusick
Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer
State Senator Savino
Council member McMahon

Sen. Savino is downgraded. I didn't realize last time around she doing recruitment for the Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee.

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