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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fossella on America rebuilding, post disasters

As many of us are aware a tornado touched down in the district almost two weeks ago and caused tremendous damage. It is scary and devastating when something like this hits so close to home, yet unfortunate that rebuilding is a game of politics, one that Vito Fossella is all too well versed in.

Rights, along with representatives from Congressman Vito Fossella's office, the city Department of Emergency Management, the state Emergency Management Office and the state Small Business Administration toured about 35 homes and businesses that suffered damage. Fossella's office had compiled a list of many of the homeowners who were affected.

"This was a critical step as we work to help residents recover from the storm," Fossella said. "I will be working closely with the federal, city and state officials in the coming days to ensure that resources are available for residents and businesses impacted by the storm and that every action is taken to provide comprehensive assistance for those in need." [via SI Advance]

When I talk about why I care about politics and the function of government I tell people it is all about community. If my neighbor is not doing well, then I am not doing well. If my neighborhood is afflicted we all suffer. It seems that there is a portion of Americans who reach out to those in need, and a portion who do what is good for themselves so they are never in need, neglectful of their community. It is commendable that Vito Fossella is making sure those in need after this disaster are getting the government funding and support available to rebuild, however it rings all too hollow when you consider that Vito Fossella voted against recovery bills relating to the absolute destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in the gulf coast. Notably, in just March of this year, he voted against H.R. 1227, a bill that provided Congressional assistance in low income families displaced or who lost much if not all in the wake of the Hurricane.

To me government is about all of us, and helping any in need, not just those whom you represent. Fossella turned his back on our neighbors in Louisiana and Mississippi for the sake of fiscal conservatism because the cost associated with helping rebuild these areas really cut into tax breaks. Now, suddenly we are afflicted with disaster, fortunately on a much smaller scale and Vito Fossella has found the ability to support recovery and rebuilding.

The hypocrisy for one person to be so arrogant in thinking that Americans, not in his district have been given too much, when they have lost everything and then to turn and demand funding when a tornado hits our home is absolutely bewildering. My government does not do this. My government is not compassionate when it allows for press opportunities, it is compassionate when ever someone is in need, whether locally or elsewhere in this country. My government should not be giving out tax breaks to the wealthiest when across this country there is poverty and need, not to mention Americans serving in our armed forces in desperate need of supplies. Vito Fossella has failed all of us, and one day, should we be met with a fraction of the destruction caused by Katrina and should our government turn its back on us, after learning this from watching Fossella, then what?

My thoughts and prayers to all Americans who have faced devastation both near and afar. May we together reach out and help all in need and become a better country for it.

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At 10:22 AM, Anonymous m said...

Senator Schumer is chair of the Housing Subcommittee of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, where the Senate version of this bill has been languishing for months now. Urge him to take it up; hold hearings; pass it through the committee and send it to the floor for a vote!


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