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Thursday, August 30, 2007

SCHIP: Fossella vs. AARP

On August 1, 2007 Vito Fossella voted against the bill to reauthorize the SCHIP program. In his floor speech Fossella claims he supports SCHIP (by voting against it) and that in fact his only objection is to supposive Medicare reductions in the same bill;

"In my district alone it will reduce funds for Medicare Advantage by $58 million for the 38,000 enrollees in just the first year..."

(The above is my transcription of a portion of his one minute floor speech)

But before he goes on, let's turn to an expert in this area, say the AARP, American Association of Retired Persons;

"AARP applauds those representatives from New York who voted for the CHAMP Act," said AARP State Director Lois Aronstein. "These lawmakers put the needs of older Americans and low-income children ahead of special interests, and took the necessary action to help improve our health care system. SCHIP and Medicare are critical for the health care of this country and the CHAMP Act makes necessary improvements to both programs. We look forward to working with Senators Schumer and Clinton to put a bill on the President's desk before SCHIP expires in September."

Aronstein added: "We are disappointed by New York representatives who voted against strengthening health care for children and improving Medicare. As Congress leaves for vacation, some lawmakers chose to reject the opportunity to strengthen Medicare and provide health insurance for millions of eligible children who are without health coverage. When SCHIP reauthorization and Medicare legislation return to the floor for final approval, we hope those members will rethink their vote against such a critical bill." [via Press Release, Aug 2]

So you can listen to Fossella's claims that he supports SCHIP by voting against it, and that he is only concerned about Medicare, or you can listen to what AARP is saying about this bill improving Medicare. Your choice.

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