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Friday, September 07, 2007

Fossella hurts district by having zero clout in DC

Vito Fossella has absolutely no clout in DC which is not a good thing for his constituents considering he is their Congressman. And it is not as if this is his first term, he has served for 10 years.

via the Brooklyn Paper;

President Bush will send disaster relief funds to victims of the Aug. 8 storm that unleashed a tornado on Bay Ridge — but the White House is only sending money to Queens, not Brooklyn.


“People are having difficulty recovering from the tornado because the process for making a decision has been too slow,” said Rep. Vito Fossella (R–Bay Ridge), who had urged the Federal Emergency Management Agency — and his fellow Republican at the head of the executive branch — to do the right thing by Bay Ridge.

It was one thing when Rep. Fossella was part of the majority and theoretically could get legislation passed and influence bills. He never was able to do that. Now he is in the minority in Congress and all signs say that will not change in the near future. Now with a Republican administration in the White House and a presidential appointed head of FEMA he can't even get aide for his district after the recent tornado damage.

You might want to ask yourself what Rep. Vito Fossella is really able to do for the district. Maybe if you wait ten more years they will let him play with the grown up members of Congress who actually accomplish things.

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