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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Republican Congressman comes out against war

Rochester Turning brings up the update that yes indeed, Rep. Walsh (R-NY) has now come out in opposition to the war in Iraq after being a long time supporter. From the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle;

Rep. Jim Walsh, in a dramatic break with the White House, returned Monday from a trip to Iraq saying it's time to bring troops home and stop funding the war.


"Before I went, I was not prepared to say it's time to start bringing our troops home," Walsh said. "I am prepared to say that now. It's time."


But Walsh said he saw little evidence that much has changed in Iraq since he last visited four years ago. He said he hopes to meet with President Bush to convey his change of heart.

Apparently Vito legislating from the comfort of DC prevents him from having a realistic understanding of what our troops are involved in on the ground in Iraq. Maybe it is time to send Vito to Iraq.

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