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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blog Roundup

Fossella still has no comment on whether he thinks American soldier deaths are a "small price to pay." No surprise.

Mole333 is asking readers to kick in $10 to Stephen Harrison's campaign.

The Daily Politics, wait for it, covers a story on the race! It follows a few non-New York stories but it is better than the rest of the year when they don't cover it. (It is kinda near the bottom)

And the Post is saying that Speaker Pelosi herself is wooing Recchia? Somehow I have doubts, and nothing against Domenic or anyone else, but I find it hard to believe. If this was a top 5 pickup potential maybe, even then a stretch, but with the amount of pickups out there, this among them I can't see the Speaker doing the job of the DCCC chair.

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