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Monday, October 01, 2007

Fossella's friend Rep. Doolittle (R) in trouble (again)

Vito Fossella's friend and donor Rep. Doolittle is moving more and more into the realm of deep trouble and Fossella looks the other way. Fossella has taken $2,000 from Rep. Doolittle and returned none despite Doolittle's house being raided by the FBI. Now Doolittle has been served with a subpeona from a grand jury in DC. Rep. Fossella it has long been time for you to return that money. FBI raid, check. Subpeona, check. Of course you have exerpience with these scenarios after all of your donors Rep. Ney is serving jail time, Rep. DeLay has a pending court date, Rep. Foley will not see a jail because of statutes of limitations. I await adding Doolittle to that list and seeing you quietly rid yourself of his corrupt money (or not).

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