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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fossella's friend Neil Volz gets probation

Vito Fossella is sleeping well these days after friend and donor Neil Volz was handed a 2 year probation sentence and $2,000 fine. Neil Volz if you don't recall plead guilty to corruption of public officials and has been turning on many individuals connected to the Jack Abramoff investigation. Because of that his sentence has been drastically reduced thanks to his close connections to so many larger fish, which is not really a positive for Volz.

You may also recall we broke the story that Fossella refused to donate the money he had taken from Neil Volz to the American Cancer Society, only coming through with 50% of the money.

Here is hoping Fossella can find that other check some where around his office and close this ugly chapter in his public service life.

see: Vito Fossella's infamous donors.

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