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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Vito Fossella's Giuliani problem: Fire Fighters

Vito Fossella has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for President. And that is where the problems start.

How do you endorse a guy who puts political gain before the safety and needs of our city's first responders. Simply put the International Association of Fire Fighters, not just from NYC but across the country has come out in major opposition to Giuliani, the man Fossella wants to be President;

Rudy Giuliani, Fossella's top choice for President!

This makes it rather difficult for one to support the city's bravest and at the same time vote for Vito Fossella. Voting for this man enables him to promote Giuliani and his egregious decisions that we don't need expanded to the whole country. Demand Fossella support our fire fighters and dump Giuliani.

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