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Monday, December 10, 2007

Defeating Vito Fossella

First off go read the full article by Daniel Millstone over at the Daily Gotham that this post is based on.

Daniel has a wonderful post where he catches up with Sen. Diane Savino and discusses her current support of Domenic Recchia in the context of progressivism. First off the quote that should sum up this whole race for the Democratic Party;

For me, the question is which of them can win. On their worst day, either Steve or Domenic would be better much than Vito Fossella. Electing either Harrison or Recchia would be a great victory. I campaigned hard for Steve in 2006 and, if he’s the candidate in 2008, will do so again.

Diane goes on to outline a fund raising benchmark of $500,000 that she feels any candidate would need to raise by the end of the fourth quarter in order to basically have a good shot of defeating Rep. Vito Fossella. The threshold would potentially bring the DCCC to the district, which they seem anxious to do. Domenic seems to agree at least with the scale of fund raising needed;

Recchia, a Democrat, said he would have to raise about $2 million for the race and said he hoped to have a "significant" amount of money banked by Jan. 1.

I thought I recalled Recchia or someone close indicating the need to raise $200k by the end of the quarter, but the quote eludes me.

And finally Diane hits on a familiar note;

Savino expressed disappointment at the vitriolic atmosphere, name calling and hostile remarks which the supporters of Harrison & Recchia had resorted to.

Seeing this as well, this was my suggestion;

So instead of going after each other or wasting time doing work for Fossella, let's use this time to explain to voters of the district that Fossella continues to want the war in Iraq to go on indefinitely, Fossella continues to support President Bush and his failed policies and when given the chance Fossella has failed to step up and do anything meaningful in Congress.

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At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savino and her ilk are some of the most notorious amongst city pols for actively undermining anyone she thinks has more influence than herself. What a hypocrit.


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