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Monday, December 24, 2007

Media coverage of the Barbaro endorsement

The Advance is up with their article on the endorsement;

Steve Harrison, who will be running in New York's 13th Congressional District, which includes Staten Island and southwest Brooklyn, was given the thumbs up by former state Supreme Court Justice Frank Barbaro at the St. George Ferry Terminal.


"The fact that Frank came on a night like tonight ... it shows the depth of the support," said Harrison.

Unfortunately the article seems light on research with presumptive comments like this;

They insist that, despite the money Fossella has in his campaign war chest, Harrison can win.

Fossella's FEC filings are easily accessible showing him with a massive 'war chest' of $50,000. We already covered that the Politico is reporting this as some of the worst incumbent fund raising efforts this cycle. In fact Fossella's 'war chest' only has $13,000 more in it than that of Stephen Harrison. Factor in debts owed by each campaign and Harrison has a $58,000 advantage. So much for Fossela's 'war chest'. Nonetheless we are getting media coverage much more often and much earlier in the cycle now which is a net positive, despite poor reporting.

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