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Friday, December 21, 2007

Fossella skips out on Energy vote

Oil. Alternative fuel. Energy Independence. Stuff Rep. Vito Fossella has no opinion on. Via Politicker;

28 of 29 New Yorkers in the House voted for the bill (NY13 Blog note: the Energy Bill) when it came up for its final vote last week (it cleared the chamber on a 314-100 vote). The lone exception was Staten Island’s Vito Fossella, who didn’t show up to vote.

The bill is The Energy Independence and Security Act, HR 6. Fossella didn't even vote no like he normally does, he didn't even vote. He couldn't even bring himself to be one of the 198 co-sponsors of the bill, so certainly he can't say he supported it and wanted it to pass despite his failure to do his job and vote.

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