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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Democracy for America

Busy week for me so posts are light.

Previously we asked you to go vote for Steve Harrison on Democracy for America's (DFA) Grassroot All Star Contest. Tonight I have two follow up suggestions;

1) If you haven't already join DFA's email list. This is a great organization that helps candidates run for office, organizes grassroot activists and is an all around favorite organization of mine (that counts right?)

Join DFA's email list

2) Join Democracy for NYC. DFNYC is the local chapter of DFA. They have previously held a meet and greet with Steve. The group does endorse local candidates (by asking their email list to vote) and has a large following of local activists who regularly canvass and phone bank passionately for candidates they believe in. Join their email list and stay up to date with their activities and check out a link up if there is one near you.

Join DFNYC's email list

note: Domenic Recchia does not appear to have applied or been nominated for the Grassroots All Star Contest and it is not clear if DFNYC will hold an event with him once he officially starts running.

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