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Saturday, January 26, 2008

DFA adds Steve Harrison to Grassroot All Star Contest

Democracy for America, a wonderful grassroots political organization has added Steve Harrison to their Grassroot All Stars contest. This isn't just an endorsement from DFA either, this is training and exposure to their massive email list for the winner of the conest;

The DFA Grassroots All-Star isn't your typical endorsement.

The winner earns the financial support of our 675,000 nationwide membership, hundreds of volunteer hours by local members on the ground, and the media buzz generated by our national spotlight. Perhaps the biggest prize of all, the DFA Training Academy will train DFA members and campaign staff in the winner's district making sure everyone learns the skills to win.

You can vote for Steve here. Consider also rounding out your ballot by choosing the other two NY Congressional candidates Jon Powers and Dan Maffei.

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