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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Will Recchia out raise Fossella?

The story coming into this week was whether or not Rep. Fossella would be able to overcome his downward spiral he calls fund raising. The story may now be if Domenic Recchia will out raise him in 4Q. In 3Q Fossella reported $98,735 and from Tom's article yesterday we hear Recchia claiming $220,000 for his 4Q take. You probably would have to go back to Fossella's 1997 election to find anyone who out raised him or came close in any quarter. [I will double check this tomorrow]

Should this happen I imagine this seat will quickly be thrust into some national focus. According the the guys at Swing State Project only 12 Democratic candidates out raised their incumbent Republican opponent in 3Q.

Fossella cannot be sleeping well.

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