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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Harrison and Recchia's fund raising numbers

Stephen Harrison and Domenic Recchia spoke to the Staten Island Democratic Association last night. Tom gives us all the details. The interesting take away is that they both hinted at their fund raising;

Harrison, who said he'd raised $110,000 for the race, contended he was the best candidate because he'd gotten 43 percent of the vote against Fossella (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn).

Recchia also argued he was better able to raise money for the race, adding he has raised $220,000 so far.

If these turn out to be accurate this would simply be amazing. Recchia potentially could surpass Fossella's fund raising from the same time period, a remarkable feat. Both Harrison and Recchia would also more than likely position themselves ahead of Fossella in the important category of 'cash on hand'. The best part of it though would simply be the reaction from Fossella's campaign and remarkable spin they would attempt to put on this, something like 'Vito is not worried about his opponents, he is busy in Washington protecting the families of Staten Island from tax increases, voting against health insurance for children, and pandering to President Bush.'

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