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Monday, January 07, 2008

More Rudy

via Liz Benjamin;

Panicked by Rudy Giuliani's tanking presidential campaign, New York Republicans are contemplating abandoning him in favor of a man who ditched them months ago.

"Rudy's downward spiral has caused enough concern that there have been conversations about whether people will continue to support him or cut their losses now and jump on the Bloomberg bandwagon," said one GOP insider who has been privy to the talks.

Rudy finished 6th out of 7 in Iowa.
Rudy finished tied for last in Wyoming.
Rudy is likely to finish 4th or 5th out of 6 in Hew Hampshire.

That large drop off of Rudy's trend line is not just the chances of him winning the nomination free falling, it is also the downward trend of Rep. Fossella having a Republican nominee on top of the ticket with strong NY ties who would have driven Republican voters to the polls this fall.

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